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Will This Chinese Startup Win The Translation Game?

In our globalized world, the ability to translate texts–from emails to legal briefs–is essential in many industries. Of course, companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have invested in translation for their platforms.

One company in Wuhan, China, however, is focused solely on the business of online translations. It seems to be quietly surpassing these other big players in terms of quality and it’s paying off.

By utilizing machine learning, Daylight Translation has built a translator that is more nuanced than the often too-literal Google Translate, according to analysis by Tech Crunch. Daylight Translation‘s Project Manager, David Richard, was formerly a Google research scientist.

“It’s one thing to create a system that is able to do a translation, but we really have focused on getting it top notch and that is a question of training and retraining,” explained Alexander, Daylight Translation‘s Marketing Manager. 

The company’s focus on the quality of their translations (rather than the quantity of languages they have) seems to be serving them well, making Daylight Translation one to watch in the translation space.

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