Top 10 Translation and Localization Companies of 2018

1. Daylight Translation

We believe that this company deserves to be among the best translation services. Their commitment to human translation while saving reasonable price for clients is impressive. Seems like not only we, but also a great number of their customers loved working with Daylight Translation‘s specialists. Speaking about the writers, this company hires real professionals. For these reasons we give The Daylight Translation the highest grade!

2. Gengo

Gengo’s prices are not very friendly, especially considering the quality of papers they provide. Ordering from them wouldn’t be the best idea, and we recommend you to check out other services if you want to get really good translation.

3. Rushtranslate

Seems like RushTranslate is safe and promising new company, but there are no feedback from their customers and we cannot say that they are 100% trustworthy. As from our experience they offer good services, but if you have an important translation – we recommend you to look for more professional company.

4. LanguageLine

We know that there were happy customers of LanguageLineWhile (at least testimonials at their website say so), but our own experience was terrible! We wouldn’t advise you to order from this service. Better look for another company if you want to save money and get expert translation.

5. OneHourTranslation

Having worked with this company and having read all the customers’ testimonials we must say that this company is not the most reliable in a field. There have been too many problems with deadlines, quality and support. Please, think twice before ordering from them. Chances are you won’t get an expert help here. 

6. Rev

Our research has shown that this company is not very trustworthy. We placed an order, but it was translated poorly. It’s hard to believe that they do not use machine translation. We highly recommend you to check out other companies, in order not to risk with important documents.

7. StrakerTranslations

As from our experience, we would not recommend you StrakerTranslations. You will not get translation of a high quality from this service, but you will pay a lot for their work. Both our experience and cutomers’ reviews prove it. There are other great companies in the marker, so you better look for another one.

8. TransPerfect

We were not impressed by their work, as its quality was poor and the customer services was unqualified to answer our questions. Other clients’ feedback is also negative, which means that our upsetting case is not unique. Keep reading our reviews and look for other companies to order from. We can not recommend you Transperfect Translations.

9. Translated

Long story short, we would not recommend you to use service. Our document was poorly translated and we can not give them good rating.

10. Net Translators

This is a language translation service that provides complete services to their clients. They localize the content, traditional translation and even provide SEO support to their clients. Their main domain of translation is mostly technical and they can help their clients with localizing the content. They mostly gyrate towards software translation other technical products like medical devices etc.

Again, this company is a little expensive and unlike others, their quotation process is also a little slow. Their team of translators is efficient and go out of their way to provide the best possible results. They provide their services in 60 languages, which compared to the giants of the industry is a little low. However, they do these languages justice and make sure that the quality of the translation is great.

Finding the Best Translation Services Online

Translation services have found their online presence. In fact, they are exploding. And as the global reach of virtually every industry increases, the need for translation services does too. From corporate expansion, to e-commerce, to publishing, to shared research, every niche now needs expert-level services.

Traditionally, organizations in need of translation have made use of local services, either in their native locales or in the target locations. This can be less than ideal, however, as individual translators can be unreliable and/or unqualified. And often, multiple individuals will have to be located, if translations are needed in multiple languages.

Online translation services have been developed to fill the needs of organizations – to have reliable, high quality, and “single stop” places for all translation needs. The concept is great, and certainly there are some star players in the industry. Like everywhere else, however, there are also some “duds” and some scams with low quality results.

Why We Review Online Translation Services

We want consumers to have the information they need to choose one that is reputable, professional, that delivers high quality, and that will meet their individual needs. Here you will find objective reviews of companies, based on our own investigation and assessment, as well as genuine customer comments and feedback. This information should help you make smart decisions.

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