During June, Daylight Translation special offer 25 % Discount on all the Services

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Daylight Translation is the company which provides the translation services between or over 30 languages and we offer the services of concrete documents like letters and manuals, and also the media recordings such as audio. No matter how complicated the language is, or how much difficult the project is, Daylight Translation converts it in any other language very easily, so it is called the “language converter”. All around the world, Daylight Translation is busy in providing the best services for all the customers, we are working hard and gaining the popularity in the world of translating the documents and every type of data, so we are providing the best certified translation service .
Why we should choose Daylight Translation
The professional native translators with the different backgrounds are selected to cater different customers.
There are some of the assigned staff members who are responsible for the organization of each project like French Translation, Translation English to Chinese word, translate site.
Regardless of the complexities of the project, Daylight Translation has the ability to handle all type of projects.
There are multiple sectors where Daylight Translation enhances the services and that include construction industry, financial services, real-estate, government, marketing, medical and recreation.
The types of documents which are essential are product brochures and catalogs, technical manuals, reports and income statements. There include some business plans too for it.
Why should I want my website to be translated?
Most of the customers prefer that their language should be translated in the native language; when the websites are translated they display the multiple products and services of them and like this they promote themselves. They prefer to translate words in the best possible way.
Online Transcription
Daylight Translation is very famous in catering the services of online speech to text services to the customers, there the accuracy rate is 100 % of our work. We try our best to be the one who guarantees to provide the outstanding work on the whole.

Audio Transcription
Daylight Translation can accept all the files and formats of the audio quality transcription. You can convert the skype calls, conference calls, seminars, pod-casts and audio recording into easily readable text.
Video Transcription
With the help of our processing team, we provide the video transcription services to all the customers that include interviews and lectures too. We too provide the video transcription services for over 20 languages. We too offer the interpretation services.
Digital Transcription Services
Daylight Translation can translate video digital file and it has no minimum size of the projects. The advantage of digital files is that they can upload them to our server and both time and energy can be saved like this.
Dubbing Services
Voice can be dubbed here, and very rare companies provide these facilities to dub the voice in the native language. Expressions, emotions and actions of the movie can also be translated for the whole movie. It is not so difficult to translate English into any other native language.
Subtitling Services
An accurate subtitle is also necessary for the film, documentaries, movies, TV programs and DVDs. If the subtitle is inaccurate or misleading then it causes a problem. Daylight Translation is the company which provides you with a plate form to provide the multilingual translation for the customers. Trans provides you the facility to make your language easy and readable as well as a suitable subtitle as well and translate the page very efficiently.

During June we special offer 25 % Discount on all the Services!!!!!
During June, we are offering 25 % big discount on our every service. It does not matter that what type of service you are purchasing and how much lengthy it is. Transcription, Website Localization, Media Solution, Software Platform, even in every project we are offering customers a great discount of 25 % . Up to 30th June 2019, our promotion is there. To contact us you can call our helpline, or send a mail to us. Choose the desired gift coupon and make your festival a memorable one. There you can have the special discount offer.
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